___________________________________________ Project Title: Study of reorganization and redesign of GSIS
Client: Ministry of Finance
Duration: 2009 – 2010

The project aims to study the organizational needs of GSIS and its business operations, as they are formulated during the gradual introduction of new IT systems, and to propose organizational changes and actions in order for GSIS to adjust to its new operational environment.
More specifically, the project aims to:

  • Propose a new organizational model for GSIS, where the organizational structure, the responsibilities of its departments and its human resources needs are depicted, and to record analytically the required job positions and the respective roles of the human resources.
  • Design the operational adjustment of GSIS to its new operational environment, as this is formulated during the gradual introduction of the new IT systems, and to submit a model of operational adjustment, which embodies the absolute necessary organizational interventions.
  • Support the implementation of the model of operational adjustment through training of the GSIS human resources, and dissemination of the operational model towards the appropriate human resources of GSIS and the external stakeholders (public and private organization, enterprises and citizens) which will use the new IT systems for providing online tax services.



___________________________________________ Project Title: «Reorganization of the Secretariat General of Communication – Secretariat General of Information (SGC-SGI)»
Client: SECRETARIAT GENERAL OF COMMUNICATION– Secretariat General of Information (SGC-SGI)
Duration: 2008 - 2009 ___________________________________________

This project concerns the study and pilot implementation of restructuring the operations of the Secretariat General of Communication - Secretariat General of Information in order to optimize the achievement of its mission and its effective function based on the interventions / investments on Information & Communication Technologies that is elaborating during this period.
The steps for completing this project are the following:
» Evaluation of the responsibilities of SGC – SGI in relation to its mission & role.
» Comparison with related international experience using the appropriate criteria.
» Evaluation of the as-is organization in SGC – SGI in relation to the ability of achieving the objectives of its role.
» Scenarios-Proposals-Redesign of SGC – SGI having as a rule the feasibility / maturity / acceptance of the New Organization Model of Operation and Improved activities
Detailed transition plan to the new Operational & Organizational Business Model
» Training of the replanning and change management methodology
» Change management in relation to the completed or the under realization e-government projects.


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