Stage Α: Determination of the Field of Application and Frame for Recording of the As-Is Situation from the main project’s Contractor.
During stage A of the project the recording and estimation of the field of application was realized as well as the frame of the as – is situation, related with each one of the suggested actions, which are included in the frame of the redesign of the Public sector’s administrative processes project which are involved in the transactions with the citizens. Towards this direction, the recording of the technological infrastructure, processes and organizational formats, human resources and legal structure subjects was accomplished in order for the analysis of the as – is situation and the evaluation of the as – is systems, structures and models to become feasible, and to substantiate the new interventions which are required and are suggested through the horizontal interventions of reorganizing the Public Administration.

Stage Β. Setting project boundaries of the Main Project’s Contractor in relation with the Horizontal and Vertical Analysis – Relations with the third parties from the Contractor of the present project.
During the second stage of realizing the project, the Contractor proceeded to the horizontal and vertical analysis of the as-is situation which signaled the beginning of the process analysis of the as – is situation, and which had as a result the study of maturation for the horizontal project of redesigning the administrative processes forming a complete derivable. In this frame, the functional segregation based on organization, the needs of the proposed projects and the


imprinting of the existing or foreseen new processes and services was realized. For each one of the involved services of the Public Administration an indicative – horizontal and vertical – internal and external environmental department diagram was created and the background for making decisions relevant to the interventions was created.
» The objective of the horizontal and vertical analysis was the recognition and imprinting of the interventions and their recipients’ necessity. The steps for achieving this goal were:
» The recognition of the interventions’ recipients
» The classification of the recipients in distinguishable groups
» The recognition of potential interventions
The classification of the interventions in distinguishable groups
The correlation of intervention groups and recipients’ groups

Stage C. Composition of the Main Project’s RFP.
During the elaboration of the RFP, the parameters and factors of Stage B analysis were specialized, while special gravity was given to the elaboration of analytical specifications for particular elements of the project, such as the subject, the qualitative and quantitative specifications, the budget, the implementation methodology, the co-operation with other projects, the time schedule etc.


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