ooooooo oooo     Bridge-it’s vision is to function as catalyst for the improvement of its clients business effectiveness, optimizing the interconnection of business goals with technology and bridging the usual and high cost gaps which arise from its application. Its mission is to add sustainable value to its clients, by utilizing in a holistic, individualistic and risk-free manner their true potential.
Bridge-it was founded in October 2002 with a vision of a complete approach and bridging two apparently independent worlds: business and high technology. It concerns a dynamic, vendor independent company which is active in the world of Business and IT consulting services, having high indicators of sufficiency in experience, know-how and professionalism.
The company’s course is characterized by business dynamic (definite investments in modern methodologies and tools of the consulting world, continuous growth of the knowledge capital, targeted hires of high leveled executive dynamic, etc.). Bridge-it has managed to be established as an absolutely reliable company, capable to balance successfully between the tangible and the intangible scientific approaches, having as a target the maximization of the medium - long-term gain of its Client, but also the creation of powerful bonds with the Client. Based on this initial estimation of the business world, Bridge-it aims to grow, inland and abroad, through undertaking specific initiatives that target to render the company as a member of the innovating consulting firms in the wider area of “Business Processes” and “Enterprise Architecture”. The existing status quo of collaborations - synergies, the multi-leveled



















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