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The business offer of Bridge-it is related mostly with:
» Recording, modeling and simulation analysis/evaluation of business processes, with the aim to improve the existing (AS - IS) organizational or/and structural dysfunctions which prevent the company to fully achieve its strategic or/and regular goals.
» Evaluation of the companies’ and organizations’ output, by using modern methodologies (methods, techniques and tools), in order to maximize the business self-knowledge indicator and consequently the efficiency and the effectiveness (competitiveness) through the up-take of appropriate decisions (re-planning measures, etc.).
» Elaborating and realizing design studies, organization, management and correct project co-ordination (that basically have as topic information technology or enterprise organization and structure).
» Providing technical support consulting services to public sectors and organizations but also to private companies (e.g. development of RFPs, evaluation of candidates, management of project’s technical subject, etc.).
» Designing, support and integration of software systems, in a way so as to give the possibility to the company’s clients to utilize all challenges from the international and local tendencies, as far as IT is concerned.
» Provision of escrow services to assure the long-term availability of business critical software applications for organizations, and protect the intellectual property rights of software suppliers.


The offered services were designed taking into consideration the satisfaction of companies’ and organizations’ modern needs, keeping in mind:
» The characteristics and the relevant tendencies of the markets. ________________________________ » The rapid increase of competition, due to globalization, and the fall of “business borders”.
» The highest dynamics which henceforth characterizes “entrepreneurship”.
» The demand of “individualized” approach towards business problems.

Parallel to the above, the company appropriately uses the highest experience and know-how of its executives in relation to:
» The particularities of the Greek market and entrepreneurship.
» Bridging the relevant technological gap between the Greek companies and organizations with the modern tendencies and practices (in terms of compatibility with the existing technological infrastructure and the business-to-business know-how of customer).
in order to offer essential solutions with high (and immediately recognizable) added value for the enterprise or the organization.

Bridge-it provides a wide spectrum of services that are related to strategy, organization and management of enterprises and information technology.



















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