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The total offered services of Bridge-it has been shaped as a product under the name Bridge-it B2R Solutions. The services are grouped according to each administrative or/and technological needs they are called to cover and are shown on the following table:

Their design ensures the absolute flexibility in the enterprises. More particular:
They are designed following our communication with the client and are absolutely specialized according to the situation of the enterprise and its goals, in order to recommend a specific step of progress, of feasible breadth and content, based on the priorities of the client with a predictable and specific profit.
They create, manage and maintain the organizational structure of the company, in order for it to succeed whichever tactical or strategic goal it wishes.
» For example, if a client wishes to get a customer relations management system (CRM), he/she can create through the corresponding service the conditions of success or request a combination of the service with the realization of the CRM project (turn-key solution).
» It is the same for all the projects that require equivalent structure, like it is the acquisition of quality certificate, the entrance of management system/ measurement of a Balance Scorecard Accelerator, etc.

  They support the evolutionary and not the revolutionary practice, while at the same time they focus on the essence opposite of the type.
They use specialized software Business Process Analysis / Modeling Tool and provide the opportunity (without forcing it), the supply and usage of this software by the client.
They provide the possibility and the know-how for the client to undertake (internally) the maintenance and further evolution of their structure or to assign it to its supplier (outsourcing).



















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