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experience which has been acquired through projects of the private and public sector, but mostly the established corporate culture and the (intangible) assets of the company are considered to be not only significant to contribute towards the achievement of this goal, but also to extend towards innovating directions.

Considering the goal for continuous enrichment of the know-how, Bridge-it offers services which develop:
» modern methodological tools for business process management and enterprise architecture.
» support software for the provided business solutions
network technologies.
» software and relevant equipment for the production of high quality reports.

Bridge-it’s services are designed according to the bridging of understanding, designing and realizing strategies that improve the entire business outcome, covering the “gaps” that are traced between business and technology. Bridge-it bridges:
» the gap between diagnose of the business need and the realization of an effective technological solution.
» the gap between the technology that is available today which however has to fully cover the constantly evolving business requirements.
» the gap between the simple technology users or the different subjects and sectors specialists, that have small or completely no knowledge of technology and information technology, and the consultants, who are specialized on


information technology, and technology suppliers who are called to have a business optic, high technical information and vertical specialization in order to effectively contribute to the work of enterprises.
the gap between the intention of exploiting technology in general and the formulation of commercial solutions with viability and clarity.
» the gap between business desire, formulation of parameters and restrictions, choice of solution and its realization

On this effort to appoint the real value of the consulting services for “Business Process” and “Enterprise Architecture”, Bridge-it chooses as its main partner, the Client.
We help our clients to:
» identify the key parameters that add value to their operations,
» diagnose business needs and implement efficient solutions through innovative consulting ideas,
» research and select the most appropriate systems for their unique strategic or operational objectives,
» achieve sustainable growth, by addressing future needs with today's technology,
» bridge different perspectives of executives within the organization, which focus exclusively on either the business aspects or the technology options,
» fit commercial solutions to business needs and not vice-versa,
» measure the benefits of the selected solutions and achieve a high return on their investment.




















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