___________________________________________ Project Title: «Feasibility study of entering the company’s products to the Balkan market. It includes recording and evaluation of the main involved parameters, best-practices, creation of an action plan for the realization of the project and risk analysis on mid & long-term horizon»
Duration: 2004 ___________________________________________
Relational Technology, for the Greek business reality, is a large information technology company (10 million Euros, 100 employees) with a 10 year history, mostly activated in the market of information technology systems development and the representation of the international software houses (BMC, Business Objects, Sybase, etc.). In 2004 and while the company had already an important place in the Greek market, with a series of successful projects, it assigned to Bridge-it S.A. to study the feasibility of its expansion in the Balkan area and in general to the countries of the south-east Europe, as well as the development of a relevant business plan for the realization of its target.
During the first stage of the project Bridge-it recorded the parameters that had to be taken into consideration from the company’s administration for the decision – making and studied a series of equivalent operations conducted by Greek and foreign companies, in order to document the best-practices and analyze the possible threats, on a mid-term but also a long-term horizon. Bridge-it also studied the characteristics of Relational Technology in terms of


mentality, internal production processes, control and maintenance, level of “industrialization”, improvement of the company’s supporting systems, know-how, need of software’s adaptation to the local accountant and legal distinctiveness, in order for the optimal steps’ prioritization to become possible (countries, products and services), in combination with the level and rate of the required investment.

During the second stage, a final business plan had to be developed in order to realize the penetration of the company to the market of the south-east Europe. The business plan as it was approved by the company’s administration, included two activities sets and covered initially 16 month duration.
Even though it is not possible for obvious reasons to refer to the actual content of the business plan, it has to be noted that today Relational Technology has a successful presence in 6 countries of the south-east Europe, offices in Romania and is moving towards the Middle east and the rest of Europe, making a remarkable success in the continuously, stable and profitable course of growth.


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