___________________________________________ Project Title: «Provision of services during the project «Technical Consultant in supporting the realization of the Information Technology projects of OPEKEPE» and specifically the recording of the organization’s processes, comparative research and analysis concerning the processes which are followed in equivalent organizations at other EU member countries (benchmarking), and proposal of a new organizational chart for the more effective coverage of the demands that arise from the application of the new Common Agricultural Politic, as it is gathered by the elaboration of new processes which have to be included in the organization’s activities»
Client: INFOGROUP S.Α. Duration: 2005

The abovementioned project which was realized by Bridge-it S.A. was implemented due to the need of changes to the organizational chart and the processes of OPEKEPE, because of the organization’s obligation for direct application of new European directions related to the adjustment of Greece to the new Common Agricultural Politic. Bridge-it undertook the project of proposing a new organizational chart and new processes of the organization, in order to satisfy the total needs specified by the new Common Agricultural Politic for the main activity of the organization, that is the calculation and payment of the farmers and the cattle-breeders of the country, but also for the obligatory activities in terms of reports to the EU partners and coverage of the least requirements in terms of control, security, organizational and informative infrastructure.


During this project Bridge-it elaborated the following steps:
» Conducting interviews to 32 key-individuals, as they were suggested by the company’s administration
» Decipherment of the European and Greek institutional and legal frame in effect from which the obligations of the organization arise
» Combinational report of the as-is situation with the pinpointed justified and not, divergences from the formulated obligations
» Decipherment of the new European and Greek institutional and legal frame with which is required from now on the compatibility of the organization
» Formation of the organizational chart and processes for the coverage of the new demands.
» Submission of the results to the Administration and agreement with the Management on the restrictions and priorities and the assessment of the organization’s needs in resources methodology, given the insufficiency in quantitative characteristics which are prerequisites for the corresponding evaluation in view of the reorganization.
» Submission of the to-be reorganizational proposal including the new organizational chart, analytical description of the competences and processes per department and with the original estimated required resources.
» Preparation of a meeting in order to present the new organizational chart in a Pan-Hellenic scale with the contribution of the Management.


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