»Agreement with the administration on the required objectives, restrictions, the desired priorities and the qualitative and quantitative data which have to be able to become measurable in the suggested reorganization
» Submission of the BPR proposal (to-be) including the new organizational chart, analytical description of responsibilities and table of processes in order for the collection of the required data by the Administration to become feasible
» Finalization of the BPR proposal with the contribution of the Administration.
The project was completed with the creation of a final BPR proposal and the suggested transition plan.


__________________________________________ Project Title: «Application of the Balanced Scorecard methodology in the planning of a system which includes recording, management and measuring activity results per department, as they arise and being shaped by the annual strategic planning of the company»
Duration: 2005

The project was about the structuring of a Balanced Scorecard prototype, capable in recording, manage and measure activity results per department. The basic need which leads to the realization of this project is related to the application of corporate practices, which are supported on total management of the business plan techniques, on a time and organizational chart level.
In this light, it constituted a basic requirement for the regular and consistent recording of specific business parameters for the entire structural departments of the company, in the base of a common theoretical and practical approach. The regular objective was the creation of a cohesive total of “additional” metrics, suitably structured on a “territorial” and a chronicle way, so they can perform on a lower cost (in terms of time, resources, inconsistencies and money) the actual business image which is essential to the top-management of the company. The strategic goal was the establishment of a reliable self-measuring system, capable to provide essential business information, on time and consequently. The project was completed successfully in 4 months and the system which was created constitutes until today a basic decision-making tool for the management of the company.


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